Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boards, Locations and News

First off, its exciting to see that the first video for John is officially being released today
http://tinyurl.com/jrtownfolk - it's a trippy and funny video I'm proud to have made.

Second, we're going to start shooting this week for Confident. Things have been very hectic the last week or two on all other levels so Confident has gone in a bit of a different direction in terms of how we're approaching it. It's going to be a very scaled down production but still aggressive in scope. I think it will be fun and remind me of why I love filmmaking. It will have a run-and-gun feel with just a couple of us at any given point. We're going to shoot more from a pick-up shot tempo meaning several half-days and not cramming a couple full days together. The goal is to keep energy high and the mood light.

Boards finished up and have been passed around.
Tomorrow we sort out make-up and final prepro planning. I'll look to get some more details up around all of this hopefully soon, particularly locations and how to get them to work for you for... uh, free.

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