Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost there...

We picked up shooting again last night for the final scenes of the video. Very fun stuff but we ran over by a good 2 hours. We really went for some solid performances and tweaked the lighting out to get what we needed. The last scene has to rock as its the payoff of course!

(Thanks to Robin Oatts for the behind-the-scenes photos)

Today we cranked out a number of scenes which leaves us with one final scene tomorrow. Overall it was a great day, but everyone is definitely ready to wrap. We again flipped up locations last minute again which was a very good thing as we were able to use two friendly studios, Spindle and Element, which helped out a lot in having a location to prep in each place. It helped enough that we finished the day almost 2 hours ahead of schedule.

The last scene was a lot of fun to shoot and one everybody was really looking forward to working on. In the scene, John stumbles back out into the main streets and is extremely dehidrated. As he stumbles along, a jogger is passing by and offers him a bottle of water from his fanny pack. RC Nelson played the part with all he had and nailed it. It should get quite a few laughs.

I do want to take a minute and talk about the importance of having a great make-up and wardrobe stylist. Even if you are no-budget - which this is - find someone who has at least a little experience here. It will take your production value up immensely. I'll admit that a year ago it's something I would not have bothered with when doing something on no-budget. But when you have someone like Erica Stewart who is willing to lend a hand as a friend and turn out quality, its amazing how much that shows up on screen.

She has stuck by John and I on all these videos and they wouldn't be half of what they are without her hard work. Town Folk is the best example. We pulled it off on about $3500 which is hardly anything and out of that only a 3rd of it was her budget. She used every bit of ingenuity and planning to pull off those costumes. She did the same for Jamboree and now as you can see for less than $100, she's done some super work - that's she's been able to repeat it day after day.


Awesomefest said...

Erica's no joke.

E. said...

You guys are the greatest....
Thanks for the vote of confidence (no pun intended) and opportunities.
I am indebted.