Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Two Days Done

So we finished the first two days of production and it has been both fun and tough. We're trying to keep things to half days but its a lot to manage when its basically myself, Erica doing make-up and Rebecca PAing.

Thursday we started off right away finding out our location for the gas station fell through because of corporate clearances not coming in. We were already using a bathroom to double as a gas station restroom at a local coffee shop so we changed up last minute and used the shop as well as where John walks in. It worked well. Plenty of natural light, very happy to help and the owner even played the part needed. She did great! It was definitely a fairly large change but we rolled with it.

Yesterday we shot the major fight scene at the end. In it we had John getting hit by a car and our bad guy getting out and continuing to beat the living crap out of him. First thing when we met up, John had the idea of adding a sidekick for the bad guy. Our guy was available and willing to do it last minute and it was well worth it! He's going to be a fantastic addition to the story. We choreographed the fight sequence for about an hour and John and Patrick had it down. Quite a relief. We blocked out the shots outside and got going.

I guess we were doing a pretty decent job because about midway through the shoot, two cop cars showed up on a call a guy had just punched out a big man and took off running. These two were awesome. As soon as they learned our first of the 4 videos was on iTunes they had their iPhones out and were buying the single and video - pretty cool!

We wrapped up with the effects shot for the scene where John gets hit from behind. I shot 3 plates. First was a clean plate with no car and no Johnny. The 2nd with the car driving through and slamming on its breaks. The 3rd plate, I setup the greenscreen in the same spot and had John walk past and jump. I'll be able to composite those 3 together and give it a seriously nasty look!

Take a look at the following video, I think the day was a hit

Quick Test Hit from Jeremy Hughes on Vimeo.

Here's a quick test of the results.

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Awesomefest said...

Really great stuff man. You are really coming into your own with these videos.