Friday, July 31, 2009

We have a locked but but with one shot missing

John Reuben - Confident BTS from Jeremy Hughes on Vimeo.

We shot early this week the final scenes we needed to complete production, except for one and it's proving to be eluding. First though, let me talk quickly about the last day and how John and I changed up a bit last minute which helped out a lot in the editing process. It helped there was a working rough cut already together as well.

We shot the needed flower shop scene and a couple pickups of John running and I have to say it was by far the stuff I was most proud of shooting during this production. Tons of value on the screen, solid shots and the ability to push the acting without feeling stressed for time. We started with the flower shop scenes. Erica prepped John at my place and we headed over where Rebecca was working with the owners of Flowers on High to get everything ready. We also met a friend of mine and his wonderful daughter Colleen there. We placed her as a girl selling flowers outside of the shop. She was GREAT!

A little quickly about Colleen. Colleen is a typical 13 year old girl except that she has been fighting cancer for the last year. For the last 6 months she's been in an intensive treatment program down in Orlando, FL getting proton treatments in what looks like a system right out of a sci-fi movie. She has a huge heart and has kept just what sounds like very outward and upbeat through it all. She took the whole family this month to Hawaii when the Dreams Come True Foundation granted her a wish. When her dad told me she was a John Reuben fan, I originally was going to have her in the Town Folk video but it worked out that she has a very prominent role in this one and, again, she was terrific. She's winning that fight by the way.

We locked the edit a couple days after. It was huge that we shot the extra park scenes in how we were able to shuffle up the story slightly and cut some of the fat of the video off. It flows very nicely! Other than the elusive flashback shot I need that keeps moving back because of rain... did I mention this video is due now mid-next week? We're going to get there though!

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