Monday, June 29, 2009

A Conscious Effort to Post Regularly - At least for the next month

Blog are hard for me to update. Especially when I know everyone has a million other things to do than read another freakin entry someplace else. What I'm looking to do this time however is regularly post small updates on the progress of the next music video I will be shooting for John Reuben. We've shot two already and they have both been projects I've been very proud of working on.

We locked script on the next one last week. The song is called Confident and I had a interesting concept for John about having him waking up in an alley, beat to a pulp and not knowing who he was. We're running with it. Next step is storyboards and concept art. I'll be looking to post some of that. Also, items I'll try to keep this blog updated with will be the location hunt, a little bit of casting, fight choreography, figuring out which camera we'll run with, the production itself and post production coverage. It should be fun!

What might someone pick up from reading the upcoming postings? We work very light and stripped down. We're come the opposite direction from a lot of other video professionals so we've learned to do more with less. A lot more in many cases!

Here are a few images from the last shoot. Total costs were around $4k including a little equipment rental on top of what we owned, all costumes and locations, paying the talent and craft service. Not bad!

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