Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Love Prince and the WGA

Thank you Prince, Artist formerly known as, whatever you are referred to now these days, for pissing on your fanbase and having an ego big enough to not realize you're squandering what could end up being millions of fans. Article here

Thank you WGA and Hollywood for coming to what seems to be a standstill for quite a while. Article here

Thank you Warner Music for boycotting Nokia and refusing to offer your music through their service for the time being. Article here

I believe you all are bringing us to what will be a head in the entertainment industry. A revolution. Maybe that word "convergence" will finally happen. You know, the one everyone spoke of several years back where you could watch video and communicate across anything from your TV to your Toaster while telling mom on her 2 inch phone via video that you need her to watch the kids.

The last time the WGA striked, cable got the go ahead from consumers across America. What's going to happen this time? Ratings are flat, they are falling in most cases. Many in the WGA seem to be there by default. The lost art of storytelling may be the boon for the Internet.

100 years ago, entertainers weren't exactly rich. Not the multimillionaires and celebs that we have today that blow half that cash up their nose. No, they were hard working, traveling showmen that did it because they loved it. We may be close to seeing that happen again. Especially when you have ego touting icons like Prince that wont even honor his fanbase by letting them honor him. Go Prince, help me see the media revolution through.

Then of course you have the big labels like Warner who squabble with maybe one of the MOST viable outlets for making cash right now in Nokia. Wake up Warner, your music is being downloaded worldwide everywhere. You have a legitimate partner where ringtones are ridiculously overpriced and you are peeing on it.

I love it, in the face of the giants fighting, innovation takes root. It grows and becomes something new. Bring on the renaissance. (note that at the time of this writing I work for AOL Video/Time Warner)

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