Friday, August 20, 2010

How to add chapters to itunes videos

I found it VERY difficult to a) ever find info on and b) how to actually add chapters to itunes movies. I haven't had to do this with anything in a while. But when it was time to get the General Specific ready this week for digital download, I had to head back into the nightmare of a process. It ended up not being so bad though, thanks to a brilliant and FREE little program I came across called Subler. So here you go. Simple steps on how to get it done.

1. Download Subler here. It was created by a brilliant guy I only know as Damiog.

2. Create a txt file with chapter listings like this:

00:00:00.000 Prologue
00:00:19.987 Opening
00:01:50.160 Episode Blablabla
00:21:54.530 Ending
00:23:24.453 Preview

3. Open subler and load up your m4v file you have output from Compressor or similar.

4. In subler, go to file > import > file and choose the text file. Boom! A new track just showed up with chapter listings. Checkmark it to activate it and save out your m4v again.

You can also edit ALL of the metadata for your file as well, drag and drop cover art, etc. Its a fantastic app that will give your files that same great look the big boys have in iTunes and on iPods.

Have fun!

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