Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It has been an extremely long time since my last post. So, to keep this thing live for the moment, I'll post again. How about that!

Something I'm finding I want to really keep my eye on are several new Internet shows that have been popping up and been funded on the low side but have a really nice production value to them. Oh, and they seemingly have some story minus the over-the-top studio bland cookie cutter involvement. Sanctuary and The Interior, article here both are gathering a strong enough following that they are moving into new years of the show. Thats good. I know the Interior directors fronted 75k of their own money. Thats a fantastic value though for a multi-episode shot on location in Central America. I really hope they make their money. It would be fantastic to see new avenues start to really emerge and trends set where people actually want to look online for shortform content. See current.tv for another great crossbreed example!

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