Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wake Up!

Great and funny article by Lore Sjöberg in Wired on how in 100 years people will have the ability to recreate the movie theatre environment everyone loved in the early 21st century.

But seriously...How does big entertainment think that they have such a captive audience that they can continue to raise prices AND add other forms of revenue to their pockets and STILL think the customer is going to be happy. They whine about online piracy and talk about how it hurts the little man in the food chain of movie making.That's a farce. The gaffer makes less or the same or more bacause of union/non-union issues moreso that a downloaded movie. Quit raising prices, allow the theatre to be a clean, welcoming place where its fun again to go see a movie and not worry about getting stabbed because you told the moron in front of you to quit talking on his phone. The falloff in revenueisn'tt because some kid is downloading a crappy version thatdoesn'tt have finished sound and the picture sucks onto his PC. It's because half the time the stroryline sucks, the environment to watch the flick is lousy and it costs $40 to go as a family to something where you don't have a very good guarantee if it will be any good.

Imagine the automaker saying thanks for buying our car, now please allow us to stick bumper stickers for candy, cola, and tampons all over your car. Also, before you can drive, you have to listen to at least 5 minutes of commercials. Oh, and that could be longer. And by the way, we are going to have to raise the price of that car on you because the guy in Mexico who builds it is getting screwed because so many people are making their own soapbox racers in their garage and painting them the same silver coating... I'm rambling but you get the point.

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