Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monsters is Almost Complete

Monsters Under the Bed, a film many of you helped me with too long ago, is finally wrapping post. We are wrapping up sound design and score with the help of two guys across the pond in England. Tom Jenkins has been working with me on the sound design and is a blast to work with. He's been pushing hard to really tune the monster's voice which is a mix of many levels and parts he's pushing through vocoders with gurgles and goat bleating as the container to push the voice into. Less is more in this movie but it seems like when we take the time to push too far out there and then reel it back in, we have something very strong.

Nick Watson is doing much the same with the scrore. Building up and then taking away. I'm very thankful for these guys and everyone else who dedicated their time to this little film. I'm most excited for everyone to see it.

Color is done, effects are done. It's close. We're targeting a completed film June 8th... oh, that's 2012 by the way.
Opening Title

Jonah's "friend"

Bully scene

Bully scene

Maya Sayre as Jonah's teacher

End Credits

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