Monday, February 07, 2011

ProjectMessiah goes Groupon - sorta

Project Messiah is a great animation tool that is great for a number of challenges but really excels at character-based projects. It also links up very, very nicely with other apps like Lightwave, Maya, C4D, etc. I used it on the Red Ordinary World video for instance.

Here's an example of it's animation power. It's able to give guys, on their own, the ability to create animation that rivals what comes out of larger houses with some pretty incredible speed. Thuristar is one of the best, check out their Plankton Invasion while you're at it.

I've used it since version 3 but never got around to updating it. Well, now's the time. They have a groupon sort of deal right now where you can get it for $10 for the basic and $40 for the pro versions. It regularly costs between $700 and $1200. It's worth picking up. The deal? Nobody gets the download until the goal is met. It's worth getting!

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